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Weigh Your Investment Options for 2020: Real Estate vs. Stocks

The majority of Americans tend to hear about the Stock Market everyday. To the average citizen, it’s just a bunch of graphs with share prices. But for those who are willingly to be more hands on than the average American is it worth it? Well that’s all relative to the individual person. Someone who lives […]

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What to look for in a Commercial Real Estate Agent

Like every relationship you need to find a match that fits you and your needs. It is no different when you are looking for a Commercial Real Estate Agent. It’s one of the most if not THE most important step for anyone interested in investing in commercial retail space for lease. Whether it be commercial […]

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An Introduction to Investing In Various REITs

First things first, what even is a REIT? A REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust) is a company that owns and operates real estate that produces income. So why should you, the investor, be considering a REIT? Real Estate Investment Trusts have performed at a high level for the past decade producing upwards of 12% annually […]

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5 Tips to Ensure Success in Real Estate Investing

Getting into Real Estate investing is no easy feat. If you plan on investing in Real Estate it’s not something you can just jump into. You’re going to need to do your research and develop an understanding of what exactly to expect. If you feel as if you have an understanding of financial literacy including […]

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Renting vs. Buying in St. Louis, MO

To own your own home or to rent, what is the best option? It’s never easy to make the decision between renting or buying. For many people, home ownership is a long-term ambition, but it isn’t always the most financially viable one. Both of these options have their own specific pros and cons. In St. […]

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Important considerations before investing in real estate

Missouri is a state that has plenty of fantastic properties available that have high potential ROIs. Investing in real estate is something that can provide long-term profits, but as with any form of investment it also requires plenty of research. With so many types of properties on offer alongside a variety of investment vehicles, it […]

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