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8 Qualities a good tenant must possess

Whether you’re leasing out commercial retail space or residential properties to tenants, you need to set criteria when screening them. In Missouri, guidelines for these are set in the Landlord-Tenant Law. For Missouri landlords, here are 8 important qualifying standards for your tenant checklist: The right number of tenants per unit Only assign a practical […]

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When a tenant abandons your property: A Missouri landlord’s guide

It’s a setback that could affect rental property owners, whether they’re new to the business or veterans – when a tenant suddenly abandons a rental without telling the landlord. The latter is usually left in the cold, not knowing what to do with the property and all of the possessions left behind. If you’re a […]

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5 Secrets to success in real estate investing

It takes a particular kind of savvy to succeed as a real estate investor, notwithstanding if you’re into commercial or residential property investment. Formal education helps but you’ll still need the right approach and mindset to move forward. Listed below are 5 secrets of the most successful commercial real estate investors: Have a well-defined plan […]

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6 Reasons Land is a Great Investment

Ready to invest in something, but don’t quite know what yet? You should consider investing in land. Land is an amazing investment opportunity – especially for those of us who are just starting to establish our portfolios. While it may not be the most exciting thing to put your money towards, it’s a strong long-lasting […]

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Want to Invest in Commercial Property? 4 Ways to Get Ready

Is 2020 your year to jump into the commercial real estate business? If so, you should start preparing. Many people are attracted to commercial real estate for it’s safe and profitable investment opportunities. This is especially true in thriving US markets like Missouri. If you’re thinking about investing in commercial real estate assets, follow these […]

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3 Ways to Increase the Profit from Your Rental Property

Interested in boosting the profits from your rental property? I think most of us involved in the commercial real estate business would quickly answer ‘yes’ to that question. As an expert in the business, I have a few tricks up my sleeve to help make this happen. Here are 3 of my favorite strategies to […]

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