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Introduction to Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate at a glance Commercial real estate (CRE) is any property used solely for business purposes, or one used as a place of employment rather than a place of residence. Commercial properties are typically leased to tenants who are looking to conduct business, and can include anything from hotels, hospitals, restaurants, convenience stores, […]

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Start them young: Entrepreneurship tips for young professionals

Some of the most successful businesses in the world today were founded by young entrepreneurs. You have Mark Zuckerberg who first came up with Facebook at 19 while Snapchat co-founder Evan Spiegel became its CEO at 26. Just like them, it’s never too early to aim for success. If you’re young, ambitious, and you possess […]

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St. Louis is the best place to start a business. Here’s why.

“The high tech hub of the Midwest”, “the new startup frontier” – these are just some monikers St. Louis has earned from high-profile media outfits like CNN and FiveThirtyEight. Noted science and technology magazine, Popular Mechanics, meanwhile, has its own name for the Gateway City – “one of the best startup cities in the U.S.” […]

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Greater St. Louis to capitalize on real estate opportunities to spur regional growth

The St. Louis Economic Development Partnership has identified the development potential of local real estate as a crucial avenue to spur rapid and sustainable growth in the bi-state area. Through the Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS), the SLEDP aims to funnel more investment into rehabilitating and redeveloping underperforming parcels in Greater St. Louis. What is […]

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