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Top considerations when buying commercial real estate

Commercial real estate promises enormous profits to savvy investors. Returns are much higher here than in the residential sector, and property maintenance is lower. These points prove to be attractive to new investors. However, the amount of capital and time commercial properties demand is prohibitive. Any investment decision in this area should always be carefully […]

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How to make money off vacant land

The bareness of vacant land lends itself to both creative and profitable business opportunities. As long as your plans comply with local zoning laws and regulations, your income-generating ideas are only limited by your imagination. If you’re sitting on vacant land or planning to invest in a few parcels of unimproved land, here are a […]

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A guide to investing in retail real estate

Brick-and-mortar sales continue to dominate the US retail scene despite naysayers’ predictions of their downfall due to the rise of e-commerce. The figures say it all: online retail has only totaled 11.4 percent of overall retail sales during Q4 2019. This is why retail properties remain as worthy investments. Read the guide below to learn […]

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What to ask your potential commercial real estate agent

Investing in or leasing out commercial space requires a significant investment of time and capital. Hiring the best expert in this endeavor is, therefore, just as important as choosing the best commercial real estate in Missouri. Ask these questions to find the commercial real estate agent who will work to increase your chances at lucrative […]

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Weigh Your Investment Options for 2020: Real Estate vs. Stocks

The majority of Americans tend to hear about the Stock Market everyday. To the average citizen, it’s just a bunch of graphs with share prices. But for those who are willingly to be more hands on than the average American is it worth it? Well that’s all relative to the individual person. Someone who lives […]

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What to look for in a Commercial Real Estate Agent

Like every relationship you need to find a match that fits you and your needs. It is no different when you are looking for a Commercial Real Estate Agent. It’s one of the most if not THE most important step for anyone interested in investing in commercial retail space for lease. Whether it be commercial […]

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