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Top Office Designs for 2019

There was a time when office design only meant the distribution of desks, chairs and other office equipmentwithin a certain space. Today, it has evolved from mere utility to this pleasant hybrid of aesthetics and function – all with employee wellbeing and productivity in mind. Even office spaces in St. Louis are getting in with the design trends for the workplace.

Here are some of 2019’s most important 5 office design trends:

  1. Color blocking
  2. More than just a way to liven up theoffice space, color can be used to “block” a large areaand break it off into severalsections. It distinguishes sections from one another while creating a look that’s fresh and eye-catching. Color blocking is more effective when contrastingcolors are used (e.g., blue against yellow, pink against green). Of course, the larger the room, the more colors you can combine.

  3. Unique company personality
  4. Many companies choose to express their signature philosophy throughtheir workplace design. For instance, if anorganization is big on environmental issues, it will incorporate green elements into its office design. The benefits of this strategy aretwo-fold: It’s a clever way of making the office look unique and it showcases the company’s dedication toward achieving its mission and vision.

  5. Multi-purpose features
  6. Ever seen homes where the walls turn into cabinets and the sofa doubles as storage space? The multi-purpose concept is now a thing in some workspace designs as well. From chairs that stow away seamlessly into larger pieces of furniture to work nooks that fold flat against a wall, and even desks that expand into a conference table, this multi-purpose office designis a great approach to maximize space. This is especially helpful for offices in bustling commercial business districts such as St. Louis, where space often comes at a premium.

  7. AI and smart tech
  8. These days, office design and technology are practically synonymous – onecannot exist without the other. With the rise of artificial intelligence (AI), many workplace tasks are now being complemented with the use of apps and software.You can schedule meetings, produce reports, monitor employee performances, and even request for work updates simultaneously in real time to off-site workers with these groundbreaking technologies. The tech and the design have to flow seamlessly in the grand scheme of upping the ante in an organization’s operations. Otherwise, all you have are clunky pieces of high-tech equipment that no one uses in a flashy office.

  9. The non-office office
  10. Do you notice people doing their work in a café, park, or restaurant? Some companies found this to be a novel idea so they designed their offices to mimic these locations. While the non-office office is nothing new, it’s only lately thatthe trend has caught on. Now, employees have the option to work in a setting that’s not onlycomfortable, but also one wherethey can be most productive.

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