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Start them young: Entrepreneurship tips for young professionals

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Some of the most successful businesses in the world today were founded by young entrepreneurs. You have Mark Zuckerberg who first came up with Facebook at 19 while Snapchat co-founder Evan Spiegel became its CEO at 26.

Just like them, it’s never too early to aim for success. If you’re young, ambitious, and you possess savvy entrepreneurial skills, then here are some great ideas to get you started on the right path.

  1. Vlogging

    Are you the next YouTube sensation? Any tech-savvy, charismatic YouTuber with a massive online following can make good money from ads and subscribers alone. You can also expand outside the platform by partnering with brands and selling merchandise.

    EvanTubeHD, a father-and-son team on YouTube, has an estimated net worth of $15 million. The channel has over eight million subscribers and purportedly makes over $4,000 daily. The face of the channel, eight-yearold Evan, generates income by reviewing toys.

  2. Social media marketing

    Young people live and breathe social media. This makes it a powerful platform for those with an entrepreneurial mindset. Millennials, in particular, are known to engage each other online, as well as inspire older audiences. Promoting a cause or product will help you generate content that will get people to subscribe.

  3. Computer repair services

    Are you a tech wiz? 2017 census estimates show that 80.6% of households in St. Louis own at least one computer, while 67.87% have an internet subscription. That means there’s a huge market for computer repair and troubleshooting in the city.

    You have a lot of options for providing computer repair services. You can start a computer shop that refurbishes and resells used computers online. Or you can work remotely, helping customers troubleshoot computer problems and set up devices.

    There’s also the traditional route where you go out into the neighborhood and make house calls.

  4. Handmade gifts

    Just about anything can qualify as a handmade gift. There are hand sewn quilts and home-baked cookies to organic soap and natural lip balm that you can make on your own after watching online tutorials or attending seminars. You will have a great time testing the limits of your DIY skills and making extra money. Handmade gifts are usually in high demand during the holidays.

  5. Art

    If you have a natural inclination towards art and graphic design, you can sell creative pieces like original artworks and hand-painted greeting cards online. You can even sell your work to businesses in need of logos, business cards, brochures, and posters.

  6. Petsitting

    People who travel frequently for work and leisure often have a hard time finding someone to look after their pets. These can form the clientele of your next entrepreneurial endeavor – a petsitting business in your neighborhood. Engage in this only if you’re great with animals and have the time to feed them, clean up after them, and take them out for walks.

  7. Car wash services

    Car owners who are loaded with work and other responsibilities would be grateful to have you wash their vehicles for them. Just learn the basics of hand car washing, invest in a few tools and products, and you’re good to go.

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