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Cardinal Realty Group will help you hit pay dirt. We can help you buy or sell land, combine parcels, and subdivide. From one acre to a hundred we have the team to make the play.

With our expertise in real estate financing and land development planning, we can consult your business in all aspects of land acquisition and development or reuse of land through rezoning. We have helped several clients close successful deals that involve incentives, subsidies, and careful negotiations with municipalities and other stakeholders in commercial and residential development projects. We’re always mindful of your business goals, budgets, and priorities. We get results when they are needed most.

Cardinal Realty Group specializes in the following land types:

  • Bio space
  • Commercial office space
  • Golf course development
  • Industrial parks
  • Investment property
  • Manufacturing plants
  • Multi-family apartments
  • Multi-family land
  • Out parcels
  • Residential land
  • Restaurants
  • Retail land
  • Urban land
  • Quarries